Concert Format

The Trench Raiders Concert Party invites you to imagine you are in an estaminet in France or Belgium being  typically entertained by a mixture  of soldiers and local musicians. 

We share how the "Tommies" made light of their precarious situation by producing parodies to well known songs - and the meanings of the lyrics contained within them.  


Enthusiastic audience participation is guaranteed.

A Trench Raiders Concert explores what it was like to be there, the sections of the Armed Forces involved, outcomes in both battle and leisure times and how it impacted their sentiments and those  of the "folks at home".

Getting The Party Going
  • Work with us to plan your event and the required venue ambience.

  • We bring a range of genuine artefacts, banners, posters and uniform.

  • We can provide song sheets as required.

  • We can offer completely different programmes as relevant to WW1 and WW2.

  • Plan for two performance halves of about 45 minutes each.

  • You organise entrance, catering, raffles and other fund raising items.

Final Preparations

Ensuring the right "ambience"

Our view of an expectant audience

On with the show

A satisfied audience enjoying themselves

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Concert Clips

Concert Clips
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