The Line-Up

Kenneth Wright

Kenneth is  a recognised WW1 and WW2 expert historian and speaker with  a considerable personal collection of war memorabilia - some of which he brings to the events. 

Kenneth provides the factual and humorous component of our performances  and narrates the proceedings.

His  organisation arranges organised, accompanied visits to historical war locations. 

Paul Thatcher

Paul was an accomplished guitarist and singer who frequently performed folk, skiffle and pop music to a range of audiences.

He brought both empathy and humour to the Trench Raiders concerts - occasionally donning a wig or two to simulate famous artists.  

Rob Hill

Rob  joined us afresh in 2018. He has attended most of our concerts to date and been instrumental in advising on  the format and development of the show.

He is an experienced singer and guitarist and has much historic knowledge of and involvement in the concert formats.

Rob also performs solos and is in duet with Paul Thatcher in the concerts.

Alan Roden

Over the years, Alan has played at a variety of events across the country - Scottish, Italian and French nights; corporate functions; private parties; weddings; Church and senior citizen socials and so on. In short, "from QE2 to Danny La Rue.."

When not performing as part of a violin / accordion duo he is frequently in demand  in orchestra pits for productions of "Fiddler on the Roof".  


Alan's contribution to the Trench Raiders  is as the roving French busker / member of the French resistance - picked up outside to accompany the proceedings (you wouldn't want to hear him sing!).

Michael Abraham

Mike is our most recent addition, and frequently sings and plays guitar in various venues and groups across the Midlands.

He joins the Trench Raiders Concert party to add extra depth in vocals and accompaniment. 

John Harris (2013-2018 line up)

John often performed with Paul in a duo (known as "Scratch-Alliss")  and has been a regular on the folk and pop scene for a number of years.

With Paul, he delivered the vocals for the Trench Raiders concerts since the group's formation in 2013.

As at May 2018, and after many concerts with the Trench Raiders, John has decided to "hang up his boots" and is missed.